What Have We Done to Deserve This?

A perspicacious, witty comedy from Austria: A liberal patchwork family is aghast when they receive the news that the youngest daughter has  converted to Islam. A wonderfully cutting and subtle social comedy about tolerance and its limits.


Wanda, 49-year-old atheist feminist from Vienna, faces her worst nightmare when her teenage daughter Nina announces that she has converted to Islam, is going to wear a headscarf and from now on should be called Fatima. Mother’s world is turned upside down. To top it all off, Wanda’s ex-husband becomes a father again, which only makes her wishing for the good old times to come back when her only problems were her daughter ditching school and smoking pot.

Surprisingly, she finds a supporter. It’s Hanife – a mother of Nina’s friend Maryam – who together with her parents immigrated to Austria 35 years ago in order to be saved from the outdated image of women having to cover their hair. Together they embark on a comic search for explanations, a sense of belonging and identity.

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Director: Eva Spreitzhofer
Genre: Comedy
Original title: Womit haben wir das verdient?
English title: What Have we Done to Deserve This?
Country of production: Austria
Year of production: 2018
Length: 92 min
Color: color
Original language: German, Turkish
Subtitles: English

Cast: Caroline Peters, Chantal Zitzenbacher, Simon Schwarz, Marcel Mohab, Anna Laimanee
Scriptwriter: Eva Spreitzhofer
Director of photography: Xiaosu Han, Andreas Thalhammer
Editor: Alarich Lenz
Sound design: Claus Benischke-Lang
Sound mixing: Alexander Koller
Music: Iva Zabkar
Producers: Thomas Hroch, Gerald Podgornig
Production company: Mona Film Produktion
Supported by: Filmfonds Wien, Österreichisches Filminstitut, ORF Film/Fernsehabkommen, FISA Filmstandort Austria

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Festivals / Awards

Zurich Film Festival, Switzerland – Competition „Focus Switzerland, Germany, Austria”
Braunschweig IFF, Germany – Competition
Exground Filmfest, Germany
Tarragona FF, Spain
Santa Barbara IFF, USA
Festival del Cinema Europeo, Italy
Europe on Screen, Indonesia
Molodist IFF, Ukraine
Pyeongchang Peace IFF, Korea
Das Filmfest, Czech Republic
Arabian Sights Film Festival, USA
European FF, Peru
Cinematek, Luxembourg
Zenexit Bilbao, Spain
SIFF Kragujevac, Serbia
Austrian Embassy in Helsinki Event, Finland
European FF, Mexico & El Savador


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