Walking Distance

Fede, who is lonely and obese, discovers a passion for photography and makes two new friends in an urban fairy tale which shows how stepping out of one’s comfort zone can open up a new world.


A heart-warming story of Fede who discovers his passion to photography and his two new friends help him to find a way from his loneliness and four walls of his apartment. The three friends - an obese Fede, his brother-in-law Ramón and Paulo, a lonely teenager who loves comic books - form a friendship that completely changes their lives.

WALKING DISTANCE is a urban fairy-tale about Fede, a man who weighs 200kg, which is causing him difficulties to move around his house. When he finds an old photographic film, he decides to have it developed and thus to go out of his house. In the photographic lab Fede meets Paulo, a solitary comics lover who sells him a used camera. While spending time with his brother-in-law Ramon and Paulo, Fede discovers that photography is more than just a hobby. A friendship between the three men grows, changing their lives forever.

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Director: Alejandro Guzmán Alvarez
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Original title: Distancias Cortas
English title: Walking Distance
Country of production: Mexico
Year of production: July 2015
Length: 104 min
Color: colour
Original language: Spanish
Subtitles: English

Cast: Luca Ortega, Mauricio Issac, Joel Figueroa, Martha Claudia Moreno
Scriptwriter: Itzel Lara
Director of photography: Diana Garay Viñas
Editor: Juan Manuel Figueroa
Sound design: Pablo Tamez
Music: Luca Ortega
Producers: Henner Hofmann, Karla Bukantz
Production company: Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica A.C.
Co-production company: FOPROCINE

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Festivals / Awards

Festival du nouveau Cinéma Montreal 2015, Canada - Special Mention
Chicago IFF 2015, USA
Rome Film Fest 2015, Italy
Stockholm IFF 2015, Sweden
Tallinn Black Nights 2015, Estonia
Goa IFF 2015, India
Havana IFF 2015, Cuba
Santa Barbara IFF 2016, USA
Febiofest Praha 2016, Czech Republic
LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International 2016, Germany
St. Paul International Film Festival 2016, Minneapolis, USA
Beijing International Film Festival 2016, China
Fajr International Film Festival 2016, Iran
Tripoli Film Festival, Lebanon
Sydney Latin American Film Festival, Australia
Duhok Film Festival, Iraq - Audience Award
Bergen Film Festival, Norway
Montevideo Film Festival, Uruguay
Festival de Cine de Bogota, Colombia
International Film Festival of Tamilnadu, India
Peliculatina, Belgium
Festival Internacional de Cinema de Tarragona, Spain
International Filmwochenende Würzburg, Germany
American Festival Manchester, England
Skip City International D-Cinema Festival, Japan
Hola Mexico IFF LA, USA


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