Pluto Film @ Marché du Film 2016


We are welcoming you @ Riviera / Marina Club H6 - visit us and check out our films!

We are attending Marché du Film from May 10 to 20.


Mellow Mud / Latvia - Crystal Bear at Berlinale 2016
Harsh circumstances force a resourceful and determined Latvian lass to mature beyond her years in this compelling, bittersweet coming-of-ager.
Market Screening: Monday, May 16 @ 15:30 - Palais H

Anishoara / Germany - NEW
An atmospheric voyage into the depths of Moldova and the life of 15 years old Anishoara.

All the Beauty / Norway - NEW
Sarah and David haven't seen each other in ten years. She arrives at his summer place, where he is working on a play. A dramatization of their long and turbulent relationship in three acts.

Land of the Little People / Israel - NEW
Political and uncompromising in its social statement, the story touches at the very core of the Israeli inner conflict.

Agnes / Germany 
A film based on the famous book by Swiss writer Peter Stamm, which was translated into more than 20 languages.

To My Beloved / Brazil
How can one deal with loss and deception, face feelings of hate and forgive?

Heavenly Nomadic / Kyrgyzstan
A poetic sketch about nomadic traditions that are slowly disappearing in the high mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

Walking Distance / Mexico
A film about how important friendship is and that even small steps can change our lives.

You'll find us at Riviera / Marina Club H6.
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