To My Beloved


After the loss of his wife Ana, grieving Fernando spends his evenings watching her old VHS tapes. When he discovers recordings of his wife cheating on him, the widower becomes obsessed with the idea of finding the other man.


After the loss of his wife Ana, Fernando becomes a quiet and introspective man, who raises his son Daniel by himself. Every night, while the boy sleeps, he recalls his love by organising her personal belongings. His life is turned around when he discovers a handful of sex tapes in his deceased wife's homemade VHS collection. Obsessed with the idea of tracking the unnamed lover, Fernando leaves everything behind - including his son - to insert himself into the life of Salvador, an ex-con and the man from the videotapes.

An exhibition of remarkable cinematic control, To My Beloved is a film rife with psychological tension and subtlety.

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Director: Aly Muritiba
Genre: Drama
Original title: Para minha amada morta
English title: To My Beloved
Country of production: Brazil
Year of production: 2015
Length: 113 min
Color: colour
Shooting format: HD
Screening format: DCP 1:2,35 Dolby 5.1
Original language: Portuguese

Subtitles: English
Cast: Fernando Alves Pinto, Lourinelson Vladmir, Mayana Neiva, Giuly Biancato, Vinicius Sabbag
Scriptwriter: Aly Muritiba
Director of photography: Pablo Baião
Editor: João Menna Barreto
Sound design: Alexandre Rogoski
Music: Ruído por milimetro
Producers: Antônio Junior, Marisa Merlo, Aly Muritiba
Production company: Grafo Audiovisual
Supported by: Governo do Paraná and Fundo Setorial do Audiovisual

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Festivals / Awards

World Film Festival Montreal 2015, Canada - Silver Zenith Award for the First Feature Film
Festival de Brasilia 2015, Brazil
San Sebastian IFF 2015, Spain
Chicago IFF 2015, USA
Sao Paulo IFF 2015, Brazil
MAr del Plata IFF, Argentina
Stockholm IFF, Sweden
Amiens FF 2015, France
Festival Cinema Luso-Brasileiro, Portugal - Best Actor, Special Jury Award
International Film Festival of Tamilnadu, India - Best Actor, Best Story
Filmfest Braunschweig, Germany



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