Volcano (working title)

in post-production

Lukas, an interpreter for a military mission, gets lost near a remote Ukrainian village and stumbles from simple misadventure into the weirdest road trip of his life.


A series of odd coincidences has left Lukas, an interpreter for an OSCE military checkpoint inspection tour, stranded near a small southern Ukrainian steppe town. With nowhere to turn, this city boy finds shelter at the home of a colorful local named Vova. With Vova as his guide, Lukas is confronted by a universe beyond his imagination, one in which life seems utterly detached from any identifiable structure. Fascinated by his host and his host's daughter Marushka, with whom is he rapidly falling in love, Lukas’s contempt for provincial life slowly melts away and sets him on a quest for a happiness he had never known could exist.

Roman Bondarchuk is well known for his festival buzz-generating documentaries Euromaidan. Rough Cut (2014) and Ukrainian Sheriffs (2015).

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Director: Roman Bondarchuk
Genre: Comedy, drama
Original title: Вулкан
Country of production: Ukraine, Germany
Year of production: 2018
Length: 106 min.
Colour: colour
Shooting format: Digital
Screening format: DCP (1:2,39, Sound 5.1, un-encrypted)
Original language: Ukrainian, English
Subtitles: English

Cast: Serhiy Stepansky, Viktor Zhdanov, Khrystyna Deilyk
Scriptwriter: Alla Tyutyunnik, Roman Bondarchuk, Dar'ya Averchenko
Director of photography: Vadim Ilkov
Editor: Mykola Bazarkin, Heike Parplies
Sound design: Borys Peter
Music: Anton Baibakov
Producers: Olena Yershova
Co-Producers: Tanja Georgieva-Waldhauer, Michel Merkt, Dar’ya Averchenko
Production company: Tato Film
Co-production company: elemag pictures GmbH, KNM, South
Supported by: Ukrainian State Film Agency and MDM Fund


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