The Tree

in post-production

A fugitive addict loses track of her child when she leaves him behind alone. Fear meets hope. Anger meets love. Loss meets meaning. One night, one city, four lives changed forever and bound together by the unblinking gaze of this innocent child.


A night like no other in a dangerous neighborhood in Cape Town. A mother leaves her child by himself at night as she searches for a way to earn money to buy his medicine. The child, now lost, wanders the city streets alone. A policeman and his girlfriend drift apart. A nurse yearns for motherhood. The policeman must confront his black sheep brother, who uses the lost child’s mother to fulfill his darkest sexual fantasies. When the lost child is rescued from the streets and brought to the nurse, she suddenly knows what to do. One city, many intertwined lives – changed in a single night.


Film presentation
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Director: Louw Venter
Genre: Drama
English title: The Tree
Country of production: South Africa
Year of production: expected in 2019
Length: 72
Color: Color
Shooting format: 2k
Screening format: 2K Flat (2.35:1) 1998x1080; 5.1, un-encrypted)
Original language: Africaans, English, Shona
Subtitles: English

Cast: Inge Beckmann, Gideon Lombard, Tarryn Wyngaard, Niza Jay, Neil Heyns
Scriptwriter: Louw Venter
Director of photography: Pierre de Villiers
Production designer: Chris Rautenbach
Editor: Matthew Swanepoel
Sound design: Warnier Team lead by Nardi van Dijk
Sound mixing: Antoin Cox
Music: Guy Buttery
Producers: Elias Ribeiro, Cait Pansegrouw
Production company: Urucu Media
Supported by: NFVF (National Film and Video Foundation, South Africa); Department of Trade and Industry South Africa, M-Net, Netherlands Film Fund and the Netherlands Film Production Incentive


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