Forever-Forever by Anna Buryachkova selected to Venice FF


After transferring from a downtown high school, Tonia joins a new badass gang of youngsters, trying to find protection and a place she truly belongs. They spend time together, roaming around Kyiv’s post-socialist suburbs, having fun and getting in trouble. Soon, Tonia falls in love with Zhurik, whilst also longing for Sania and finds herself tangled up in an alluring secret love triangle. But Tonia’s abusive past still haunts her, challenging this newfound friendship and romance. Will she be able to find her own pass or lose herself in this new controversial relationship?
Set in the late 90s Kyiv, this is a story of the young and rebellious amid the ruins of the Soviet regime. Those who had to grow up faster due to the circumstances but got lost in the adult world. A story of which we need constant reminding, as some things only exist at the moment, while others last forever.

Director’s note:
This film is a love song to the lost teenagers of the late 90s and were told the rule: if no one loves you, you don’t deserve to survive. Seeking love and validation in someone’s else eyes, we were living, compromising abuse and injustice to get more attention. Being a teenager means that every bit of existence is only here and now, which means forever. Every love is forever, every relationship is forever, every drama is forever. So now, being adults, we have to finally grow up and realise that the only validation and love we need - is our own. Such understanding always requires the acceptance of loneliness and embracing responsibility for own life

The feature film FOREVER-FOREVER by Ukrainian director Anna Buryachkova will celebrate its world premiere at Orizzonti Extra in Competition at the 80th Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica in Venice.

The film’s director Anna Buryachkova is a talented Ukrainian film director and screenwriter. Born in Kyiv, she began her career in films, music videos, TV commercials and social campaigns in 2012. Her artwork has been recognized at numerous international festivals, including Berlin Music Video Awards, Berlin Fashion Films, Grand OFF Poland and Cannes Lions’ Social Campaign Program.
Gaining recognition from these, Buryachkova brought up the idea and wrote a script in collaboration with Marina Stepanska («Falling», 2017) while being under COVID-19 quarantine in 2020. The script has eventually become her feature debut, “FOREVER-FOREVER”. The principal photography was completed in Kyiv, just two months before the city faced the Russian full-scale war against Ukraine. After that, the film’s rushes and materials were evacuated from Kyiv to Amsterdam where co-producers and post-production partners joined the film’s team.
At the stage of development and production, FOREVER-FOREVER has been showcased in various international markets. It received a Jury’s Special Mention and the Screen Brussels Co-Production Award at Ukrainian Films Now at Marché du Film and Lithuanian Film Center Award at “Coming Soon” Meeting Point-Vilnius in 2022. The film was also developed within the MIDPOINT Institute Editing Room.

Here you can read recent Variety News and watch the trailer on Deadline!

Venice FF World Premiere:
FOREVER-FOREVER is going to celebrate its World Premiere at Venice Film Festival!
Check the screening schedule below:
5 Sep  09:00  @ Sala Volpi - Private Screening *
8 Sep  14:30  @ Sala Giardino - Press & Industry Screening
8 Sep  21:00  @ Sala Giardino - World Premiere
9 Sep  15:00  @ Sala Corinto - Public Screening
* Please let us know if you would like to attend the private screening.

PLUTO FILM team will be attending the Venice FF from 2 September to 9 September!
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