ANISHOARA premieres in New Directors Competition @ San Sebastian IFF


ANISHOARA has its International Premiere in the New Directors competition at San Sebastian IFF!


Saturday // 17.09.2016 // 10:00 // Principal (Press Screening)
Saturday // 17.09.2016 // 12:00 // Kursaal 2 (International Premiere)
Sunday // 18.09.2016 // 22:00 // Antiguo Berri, 4-5-6
Monday // 19.09.2016 // 16:00 // Principe 7

Director Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu said about her film ANISHOARA:
"Every new cinematographic work is a new challenge. The process of making ANISHOARA was for me as a director a provocation and an experiment like a free fall: a very little exterior drama, but a huge interior charge of emotions and sensations, the confrontation with the world through the presence of a 15-year old girl, the work with nonprofessional actors mixed with professional ones and an open form of screenplay developed while shooting and reacting to the real life happening in front and behind the camera. The editing was also long and special, as the film had to be recreated and found new out of the material. Finally I am sharing now with the public an almost silent and introvert sight on the human ages, the passing of time and the importance of moving out of the weight of existence."


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