It is 1968 when rebellious 14-year-old Wolfgang is sent to Freistatt, a foster home for difficult children. In an era of freedom, sexual revolution and the Rolling Stones, Wolfgang faces brutal methods of "education" on a daily basis and must learn how to resist a long-established system of oppression.


May 1968: Rolling Stones, bell-bottoms, mini-skirts, sexual revolution, protests against the Vietnam War… While Germany sets off for a new era of freedom, rebellious fourteen-year-old Wolfgang gets sent to Freistatt, a foster home for difficult children. There he shall be “educated” to become a decent boy. Wolfgang puts up a determined resistance against the brutal working conditions and the perfidious education methods of the wardens; he doesn’t allow them to get him down. But for how long can he manage to resist the system of violence and oppression without brutalising himself?

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Director: Marc Brummund
Genre: Drama, Historical, Coming of Age, First Feature
Original title: Freistatt
English title: Sanctuary
Country of production: Germany
Year of production: 2015
Length: 104 min
Color: colour
Shooting format: HD
Screening format: DCP (1:2.35, Dolby 5.1, 24fps, encrypted)
Original language: German
Subtitles: English, French

Cast: Alexander Held, Stefan Grossmann, Max Riemelt, Louis Hofmann
Scriptwriter: Marc Brummund, Nicole Armbruster
Director of photography: Judith Kaufmann
Editor: Hans Funck
Sound design: Matthias Haeb
Music: Anne Nikitin
Producers: Stefan Sporbert & Rüdiger Heinze
Co-producers: Stefanie Groß, Barbara Häbe, DR. Götz Schmedes, Christian Bauer
Production company: Zum Goldenen Lamm Filmproduktion
Co-production company: SWR, ARTE, WDR, SR
Supported by: the MFG Film Funding, FFA, Nordmedia, Film Fund Schleswig-Holstein, DFFF

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Festivals / Awards

Max-Ophüls-Preis 2015, Germany - Audience Award, Youth Jury Award
Golden Lola 2013, Germany - German Screenplay Award
Emden Film Festival 2012, Germany - Screenplay Award
Shanghai Int'l Film Festival 2015, China
International Filmfestival Emden-Norderney 2015, Germany - Creative Energy Award
Golden Apricot FF Yerevan 2015, Armenia - Audience Award
Giffoni Film Festival 2015, Italy - Best Film Award (Generation +13)
Tbilisi International FF, Georgia
Göteborg IFF, Sweden  
Mamers en Mars - festival de films Européens, France
Stockholm Filmfestival Junior, Sweden
Beijing International Film Festival, China
Tripoli Film Festival, Lebanon
Zlín Film Festival, Czech Republic
Das Festival des deutschen Films, Spain
International Film Festival Human Rights Tenemos Que Ver Uruguay
Film Festival Giffoni Georgia 2016 -  Best Film Award (Generation +13)
Pyongyang International Film Festival, North Korea
Skandinavian IFF Helsinki, Finland
Festival de Cine de Bogota, Colombia - Pre-Columbian Gold Circle Best Picture
Zoom Festival, Spain - Best Film Award



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