The villagers of a mountain hamlet swear to be one big family, careful and protective of each other. But when the rules of “rispet” are broken, there’s no choice for them but to fight, love or leave.


Corvaz is a simple and instinctive 30-year-old that works hard in his father’s vineyard and loves going around with his dog Toni. The village life is all centered around the local bar and for the men, the days
go by drinking and kidding one another until one night, the statues that decorate the village square get vandalized. The blame goes on Corvaz. While the grudge from the community rises, a punishing expedition eventually forces Corvaz to face the villagers and leave. For the others, there may be no such an alternative. The code of “rispet” that has kept them all together is now broken.

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Director: Cecilia Bozza Wolf
Genre: Polenta Western - Honor, Shame, Family, Mountains, Community, Rebellion
Country of production: Italy
Year of production: 2023
Length: 105
Color: Color
Shooting format: 2K
Screening format: DCP 2K (2048x858) (2,39:1; 5.1, un-encrypted)
Original language: Trentino dialect, Italian
Subtitles: English

Cast: Alex Zancanella, Mara Paolazzi, Luca Bertoldi, Lino Mottesi, Denis Rossi, Marco Tizianel, Paolo Nardon, Thomas Zanotelli, Daniela Filippi, Angela Sebastiani, Emanuele Montibeller, Saverio Sculli, Tiziana Toniolli
Scriptwriter: Cecilia Bozza Wolf, Raffaele Pizzatti Sertorelli
Director of photography: Michela Tomasi
Editor: Pierpaolo Filomeno
Sound design: Riccardo Spagnol - Cine Chromatix Italy s.r.l
Music: Loris Frismon, Alex Zancanella
Producers: Stefano Tealdi with Elena Filippini and Edoardo Fracchia; Production Designers: Federico Massa - AViLab s.r.l and Elena Filippini – Stefilm
Production company: Stefilm International s.r.l
Supported by: MIBACT, Rai Cinema, Film Commission Torino Piemonte – Piemonte Film Tv Development Fund, IDM Alto Adige and Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano, Trentino Film Commission, Filmproduktions GmbH, Montura

Festivals / Awards

Bolzano FF, Italy
Trento Film Festival, Italy
Riviera IFF, Italy - Baia del Silenzio – Redelfi Award


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