Two parents in Zurich think they have been doing everything right. Yet their teenage children disrupt their perfect family system until the parents move out themselves. The boundaries between reality and fiction become blurred.


Step by step, Veronika and Michael Kamber-Gruber let their late-pubescent twin sons paralyze their lives. And neither carrot nor stick are of any use. Romeo and Anton can hardly get out of bed and rarely go to school; sexist and racist slogans are the order of the day. When their grandfather entices his grandsons to even more autonomy with an advance of 80,000 francs on their inheritance, the situation escalates completely. The unnerved parents flee the apartment with the youngest of their three sons and move into the studio they actually rented for Romeo. The couple believes they are saving their marriage and don’t realize that they are celebrating their own surrender.


"WIR ELTERN from Pluto Film Sums Up Coronavirus Captivity Without a Mask."

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Director: Eric Bergkraut, Ruth Schweikert
Genre: Comedy
Original title: WIR ELTERN
English title: Parents
Country of production: Switzerland
Year of production: 2019
Length: 94 min
Color: Color
Shooting format: 2k
Screening format: DCP (1:2,39; 5.1, un-encrypted)
Original language: Swiss German
Subtitles: German, English, French

Cast: Elisabeth Niederer, Eric Bergkraut, Elia Bergkraut
Scriptwriter: Eric Bergkraut, Ruth Schweikert
Director of photography: Stéphane Kuthy
Production designer: Jimena Cugat
Editor: Bigna Tomschin
Sound design: Daniel Hobi
Sound mixing: Daniel Hobi
Music: Marie-Jeanne Séréro
Producers: Eric Bergkraut
Production company: p.s. 72 productions
Supported by: Zürcher Filmstiftung

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Festivals / Awards

Locarno FF, Switzerland
Tromso IFF, Norway
FebioFest Prague, Czech Republic
Molodist IFF, Ukraine
Goa IFF, India
Victoria Film Festival, Canada


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