My Joy


After taking a wrong turn on the motorway, truck driver Georgy suddenly finds himself drawn into the brutal daily life of a Russian village.


MY JOY is a tale of a truck driver Georgy. He leaves his home town with a load of goods, but he is forced to take a wrong turning on the motorway, and finds himself in the middle of nowhere. Georgy tries to find his way, but gradually, against his will, he becomes drawn in the daily life of a Russian village. In a place, where brutal force and survival instincts overcome humanity and common sense, the truck driver’s story heads for a dead end…

Russia, present day, summer:
Truck driver Georgy picks up his latest load and heads off for the motorway, stopping off first at home, where he avoids contact with his wife. His journey is interrupted by two traffic police at a checkpoint; and when he evades their seemingly-unnecessary attentions and returns to his cab, he finds an old man sitting in the front seat. The man asks for a lift, and, in return, tells Georgy the sobering story of his return from the German front in 1946.

After the old man disappears, Georgy drives into a traffic jam on the main road. A teenage prostitute appears and offers to show him a short-cut – along with her services – and they end up at a village market. There, hurt by Georgy’s attempt to show her some kindness, she abandons him.

Leaving the market, Georgy continues his journey alone and ends up lost in a field. By now, night has fallen and his truck has broken down. Three tramps appear out of the darkness, planning a robbery. They invite Georgy for a meal by the fire and offer him a drink. Georgy refuses alcohol and asks for directions back to the motorway, but the meal ends violently and abruptly…

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Director: Sergei Loznitsa
Genre: Drama
English title: My Joy
Country of production: Ukraine, Germany, The Netherlands
Year of production: 2010
Length: 127 min
Color: colour
Subtitles: English, German
Cast: Alexey Vertkov, Maria Varsami, Olga Shuvalova, Viktor Nemets, Vlad Ivanov, Vladimir Golovin, Yuriy Sviridenko

Scriptwriter: Sergei Loznitsa
Director of photography: Oleg Mutu (RSC)
Editor: Danielius Kokanauskis
Sound design: Vladimir Golovnitski
Producers: Heino Deckert, Oleg Kokhan
Co-producers: Leontine Petit, Marleen Slot, Joost de Vries
Production company: fiction, SOTA Cinema Group
Co-production company: Lemming Film, ZDF/arte

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Festivals / Awards

Cannes IFF 2010
Karlovy Vary IFF 2010
Jerusalem IFF 2010
Sarajevo IFF 2010
Melbourne IFF
Vologda European FF 2010 (Grand Prix)
Yerevan FF 2010 (Silver Apricot)
Toronto IFF 2010
New York IFF 2010
Vancouver IFF 2010
Pusan IFF 2010
London IFF 2010
São Paulo IFF 2010
Kiev Molodist 2010 (Grand Prix and Fipresci award)
Tallin Black Nights Film Festival (Grand Jury Prize)
Stockholm FF 2010
Minsk Listapad FF 2010 (Grand Prix)
Rotterdam IFF 2011
Sofia IFF 2011
Vilnius FF 2011
Hong Kong FF 2011
Istanbul IFF 2011
New Zealand FF 2011
Festival of European and Mediterranean Film 2011 (Best Cinematography)
Febiofest SK, Slovakia
Anonimul IFF, Romania
Sarajevo FF 2022, Bosnia and Herzegovina


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