Heavens Above


Three stories of one family, spanning over three decades. An exploration of the impact of miracles on modern society.

This is first-class filmmaking with a riveting ending.
Probably his best film this century.



Stojan (Goran Navojec) is as dull and simple as he is kindhearted. When a freak accident changing a light bulb puts a glowing halo above his head, he quickly becomes the new attraction around town. His strong-willed wife Nada (Ksenia Marinkovic) isn’t at all amused about the unwanted attention amongst their neighbors. After several tries, nothing can remove the shining annoyance and turn her husband back to his former unremarkable self. Stojan, the unwilling saint, begins to like his new lifestyle and quickly turns to sinister crimes…

HEAVENS ABOVE is a dark comedy told through three stories of one family and spanning over three decades (1993, 2001, 2026). The film explores the impact of miracles on modern society. Numerous characters reappear, intertwine, and affect each other’s destinies in increasingly bizarre circumstances. Director Srdjan Dragojevic delivers a wild and grotesque perspective on post-socialist Yugoslavia, that succeeds in showing the dark sides of progressive thinking patterns.

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Director: Srdjan Dragojevic
Genre: Dark Comedy
Original title: Nebesa
English title: Heavens Above
Country of production: Serbia
Year of production: 2020
Length: 122 min
Color: Color
Original language: Serbian
Subtitles: English
Cast: Goran Navojec, Bojan Navojec, Ksenija Marinkovic
Scriptwriter: Srdjan Dragojevic

Director of photography: Dusan Joksimovic
Production designer: Jelena Sopic
Editor: Petar Markovic
Sound design: Darko Glisic
Sound mixing: Zoran Maksimovic
Music: Aleksandar Randjelovic
Producers: Biljana Prvanovic
Co-producers: Heino Deckert, Vladimir Anastasov, Eva Rohrman, Darija Kulenovic - Gudan
Production company: Delirium
Co-production company: MA.JA.DE. FICTION GmbH, Sektor Film, Forum Ljubljana, Studio Dim d.o.o.

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Festivals / Awards

Locarno Film Festival, Switzerland - International Competition - Prize of the Independent Young Jury
Odessa IFF, Ukraine
Ostrava Kamera Oko, Czech Republic
CineEast, Luxembourg,
Mostra de Valencia, Spain - Best Photography Award
Emden FF, Germany
Cork IFF, Ireland
Cottbus IFF, Germany
Cinemamed Brussels Mediterranean FF, Belgium
Sofia IFF, Bulgaria - Balcan Competition
Balkan Panorama Film Festival, Turkey - Best Director Award
Taipei Film Festival, Taiwan
Revelation Perth International Film Festival, Australia
Festival Slovenskega Filma, Slovenia
Longlake Festival Lugano, Switzerland
Ljubljana International Film Festival, Slovenia
Mostar Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Pula Film Festival, Croatia
SCREENFEST, Serbia - Award for best screenplay
Transilvania International Film Festival, Romania
Manaki Brothers International Cinematographers Film Festival, North Macedonia


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