Love and Videotapes


A charming queer bromance about loving films and finding friends.


Summer of 2001, in a small town in the Philippines: 16-year-old Andoy searches for his long-lost father in the most unlikely of places: on VHS tapes. Together with his best friend and fellow movie nerd Pido, they explore life on film. When two movie-like characters appear, his reality begins to falter. In a gay awakening, Andoy connects with the local queer community to find new friends, love and acceptance.

In every movie that he watches, 16-year-old Andoy creates narratives that could help him find answers to the questions that have always bothered him: Who is he and who is his father? While the truth remains elusive, his imaginings remain unrealized until two movie-like characters appear in their small town – Ariel, a hairdresser who lures young men with their inexplicable charm, and Isidro, a mysterious, long-haired man who owns a VCD player. Andoy finds himself entranced with Ariel and Isidro and begins to spend intimate time with them. As he gets entangled with their twisted lives, his reality becomes mystified. Just like in the movies, Andoy must decide whether to conclude his years-long search for his father with a bang or with a whimper.

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Director: Ryan Machado
Genre: Youth, Family, Queer
Tags: Love, Video Tapes, Queer Community, Friendship, Bromance, Gay Awakening
Original title: Huling Palabas
English title: Love and Videotapes
Country of production: Philippines
Year of production: 2023
Length: 97
Color: Color
Shooting format: 4K
Screening format: DCP 2K
Original language: Filipino/Onhan

Subtitles: English
Cast: Shun Mark Gomez, Bon Andrew Lentejas, Cedrick Juan, Serena Magiliw, Jay Gonzaga
Scriptwriter: Ryan Machado
Director of photography: Theo Lozada
Production designer: David Esguerra
Editor: Cyril Bautista, Kurt Abrahan
Sound design: Immanuel Verona, Fatima Nerikka Salim
Sound mixing: Immanuel Verona, Fatima Nerikka Salim
Music: Erwin Fajardo
Producers: Ryan Machado, Cris Bringas, Jalz Zarate
Production company: Studio Pulo, Tilt Studios, Terminal Six, WAF Studios Inc.
Supported by: Cultural Center of the Philippines, CreatePHFilms, Film Development Council of the Philippines, National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Municipality of Looc, Romblon, Philippines, De La Salle University - Manila, Philippines, Goethe Institut - Phili

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Festivals / Awards

Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival - Best Director, Best Support Actor (Bon Andrew Lentejas)
Berlinale - Generation 14plus - International Premiere
Stockholm International Film Fesitval Junior, Sweden
Pink Apple Queer Film Festival, Switzerland
Festival Mix México, Mexico


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