Andrea Gets a Divorce



Andrea, a small-town policewoman, has decided to move on from her unhappy marriage with the help of a transfer to a higher position in the police department of the next bigger city. As she drives home after a birthday party, she has no chance of stopping when her not-yet-divorced husband suddenly appears in front of her car, drunk. Unable to break, she runs him over and kills him. In a state of shock, Andrea flees the scene.
Still, that night, being called to duty as the local police officer to the crime scene, she discovers to her horror that someone else has accepted responsibility for the accident: Franz, a religion teacher and recovered alcoholic, is convinced that he ran over the victim, and so is everyone else in the village. While Franz starts drinking again, Andrea applies herself to the task of eliminating all traces of her guilt. But in the end, she has to take responsibility.


Film presentation
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Director: Josef Hader
Genre: Comedy
Tags: Small Town, Murder, Cover-Up, Offbeat
Original title: Andrea lässt sich scheiden
English title: Andrea Gets a Divorce
Country of production: Austria
Year of production: 2024
Length: 93
Color: Yes
Shooting format: Digital 2K
Screening format: DCP 2K
Original language: German

Subtitles: English
Cast: Birgit Minichmayr, Josef Hader, Thomas Schubert, Robert Stadlober, Branko Samarovski
Scriptwriter: Josef Hader, Florian Kloibhofer
Director of photography: Carsten Thiele
Production designer: Christoph Kanter
Editor: Roland Stöttinger
Sound design: Manuel Grandpierre
Sound: Johannes Baumann
Sound mixing: Manuel Grandpierre
Producers: Veit Heiduschka, Michael Katz
Production company: Wega Filmproduktion, Golden Girls Filmproduktion
Supported by: ÖFI, FFW, FISA, ORF Film/Fernseh-Abkommen, Land Niederösterreich

Festivals / Awards

Berlinale - Panorama - World Premiere


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