A Vanishing Fog


Colourful, expansive and rangy, disorientating without being incoherent,
this represents Sandino’s determined bid for auteur status.

In a role presenting remarkable physical challenges,
Sebastian Pii carries the film single-handedly and with commitment


Sandino does an excellent job and trusts in Pii’s sensitivity and other qualities.
[...] his directorial work can be compared to that of Matteo Garrone and Marcello Fonte.



In the middle of the staggering and endangered Paramo of Sumapaz; F, a solitary explorer and guardian of the mountains, condemned by his fate, strives to protect the mystical and fragile ecosystem he inhabits, while caring for his ailing father. Facing the imminent return of violence and overcoming his human limitations, F has been preparing his escape, but before pursuing a new dimension he will have to endure a heartrending farewell.

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Director: Augusto Sandino
Genre: Magic realism, Environmental, Social drama, Sci-fi mystery
Original title: ENTRE LA NIEBLA
English title: A VANISHING FOG
Country of production: Colombia, Czech Republic, Norway
Year of production: 2021
Length: 76 min
Color: Color
Shooting format: 4K
Screening format: DCP 2K
Original language: English & Sunapakún (tongue)
Subtitles: English or Spanish

Cast: Sebastian Pii, Mario de Jesús Viana, Christian Ballesteros
Scriptwriter: Augusto Sandino
Director of photography: Gio Park
Editor: Augusto Sandino
Sound design: Emil Nygård Olsen
Sound: Emil Nygård Olsen
Music: Emil Nygård Olsen
Producers: Augusto Sandino
Co-producers: Michal Krecek, Emil Nygård Olsen, Gio Bing Park, Mario Viana García, Nubia Stella Cubillos
Production company: Schweizen Media Group
Co-production company: Magiclab (Czech Republic) - Perspektiv Produksjon (Norway)
Supported by: Proimagenes Colombia FilMedellín Mediefondet Zefyr Czech Film Center

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Festivals / Awards

Tallinn´s Black Nights FF -  Main Competition - World Premiere


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