Pluto Films' new acquisition: THE OTHER END


In love, Angela (43) and Diogo (17) want nothing else than to be together. Yet, social pressure almost destroys it all.

Diogo (17) likes to make anonymous phone calls to his psychoanalyst mother’s patients. That’s how he meets Angela (43), who had just been left by her husband. Although she is first irritated by learning about Diogo and his secret, Angela feels attracted and Diogo brings a new sense to her life. Feeling a true bond between each other, Angela and Diogo fall in love. Yet, they have to face disagreement of his parents and fight for their relationship.

World Premiere and Awards: Rio de Janeiro Int'l Film Festival 2016 - Best Film and Best Actress

Market screenings @ EFM 2017:
Monday Feb 13, 12:40, dffb-Kino
Tuesday Feb 14, 10:50, CinemaxX 11


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